Are you giving your child permission to be  Mediocre? Day in and day out, we strive to get our kids on track.   Education and school success.  We enroll them in extra curricular activities to help them grow and gain skills.  We try to watch healthy tv shows and movies.  We go to parent teacher

temper tantrum

  I sent out a survey to my parenting friends asking them to tell me what their biggest frustration about parenting is and overwhelmingly they replied…   WHINING!!!!     Here is my NO FAIL approach to whining!   1.  Don’t engage them!  Children whine to see EXACTLY where the line is going to be


Eavesdrop on any conversation parents are having hanging out by the playground, and you will hear banter about what parent isn’t performing up to snuff.  What parent sent their child to school in runners when they should have been in rubber boots.  You will also hear them moaning about the parental cardinal sin….”that” mom dared