Ahhhhhhhhh….Summer.   The most amazing time of the year, in my humble opinion anyway.   This is the time where we can let go of super tight schedules and crazy busy days.  We can possibly sleep a little bit longer, eat lighter foods, wear less bulky jackets.  We can watch rain storms and we

    Is your kid a crazy kid?  Do they have their own fashion sense?  Their own quirks and funny sayings? Encouraging our kids to be individuals can be a scary thing!  I follow many parents who encourage their kids to be exactly who they are.  One of my favorites is Erin Vest.  Better known

  The world of the internet is an amazing doorway to information at your fingertips 24/7 365 days a year.  You can find a recipe for Red Velvet cupcakes at 4 am.  You can find a Harvard study on the impact of Social Media on bullying at 3 pm on a Monday afternoon.  We have

You know it’s coming.  School break is on it’s way.   The excitement of Christmas builds and the kids get more and more worked up until the crescendo on Christmas day.  Our delightful children surrounded by boxes, and packages and bows and paper.  Every gift ripped open and explored in under 10 minutes. Now what?

How many moms are looking at this photo and digging through their bags looking for a cloth to wipe this kids face off?  I bet many of you are!  We see something that doesn’t quite look perfect, we want to dive in and fix it.  The trouble is, what is perfection for us may be

  We all do it!  We say something and then when the rubber meets the road…BAM!  We give up!  We lose our resolve and we cave in!  Our kids are WAITING for those moments!  They know what buttons to push, when to push them, how hard to push them and how many times to push

As parents, we often barrel into the world of parenting with no guidebook whatsoever!  We forge ahead making decisions based on our guts, based on the TV shows we watch and plenty of dumb luck! We try our very best to do what we think is right and give our kids the best opportunities they

  We are officially knee deep in September, in fact, we are facing the last 4 days of September.  Can anyone tell me where my month has gone? We arrive to the month of Septmeber bright eyed and bushy tailed, eager to escort our children back into the hallowed halls of learning.  We have outfitted

  Welcome to September and the month that represents a “new year” for most parents.  While January is looked on as a new year for the planet, most parents see September as the time of year to begin again, make new choices, change decisions and begin anew. The one thing I love about September is

I am a big fan of taking my kids out of their element and giving them opportunities to stretch their world view.  I will admit that we live in a very consumer driven society and it’s hard for me as an adult to NOT cave in to the media and advertising and the “must have”