The signs were all there … Sleepless nights, lack of appetite, bursting into tears at the mere suggestion of doing laundry—the signs were all there. I felt like a helpless failure. How did I not notice that my daughter was struggling and what I was doing wasn’t helping? I tried everything I could think of:

7 things you can quit explaining to the people in your life, even if you feel obligated. Can we please just stop. Stop it. The not so silent war that goes on between parents has got to stop. We get enough judgement from the media, the government and the school system, parents need to ease

Why you need to quit ignoring social media as a parent. It’s NOT going away There has been huge controversy over the past few years about social-media giants deleting photos of women’s bodies depicted in real life: breastfeeding, menstrual blood, cancer survivors and mastectomy scars. The list goes on and on—social media treats women’s natural

temper tantrum

Just when you think you know EVERYTHING … Every single friend I have ever asked about parenting has confided in me how incredibly unprepared they were for the changes, emotions and physicality of being a parent. Let’s face it: parenting is a mind-bending, brain-melting and heart-thumping roller coaster ride on a full stomach. It is


To be honest … Today, social media is the cornerstore of teen meetups. Kids no longer need to go anywhere to connect socially. They can sit in their rooms on their smartphones (don’t even try to tell me your kid doesn’t have a smartphone) and hang out just like they were all in the same


Think before you speak! Three conversations that you should absolutely avoid with your kids. You feel it coming. You’re at your breaking point as a parent. Your kids have pushed every single button you have ever had and are verging on demolishing your sanity. You have tried every parenting trick known to you and you

Month in Review

Monday, 29 September 2014


    Another month has flown by!!  Can you believe we are already hitting October.  Big box stores not only have Halloween decorations out, they also have Christmas decorations out.  Before you can blink again, 2014 will be over and we will be headlong into a new year.   I want to encourage you to

Making Decisions

Friday, 26 September 2014


    We are now a few weeks into school and things should be settling down for most families.  Routines have been established, ground rules set out and everyone is on the right path. What if that’s not the case of your family?  Struggles in school, teacher conflicts, peer pressure.  Are you struggling to find


  By now, the kids have been in school at least a week.  Pencils have been sharpened and backpacks have been packed full.  Permission slips signed and teachers greeted. Now what? Finding your groove for the school year is the key to keeping your sanity as a parent.  Setting expectations and boundaries early will give

Back to School Battles Pt. 4

Thursday, 04 September 2014


    Multitaksing Mayhem!!!   Do you every look at your day and think “How the hell am I going to get it ALL done?” I used to feel the same way about mornings.  How was I going to get three kids up, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, fed and out the door?  Without losing