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Friday, 26 September 2014

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We are now a few weeks into school and things should be settling down for most families.  Routines have been established, ground rules set out and everyone is on the right path.

What if that’s not the case of your family?  Struggles in school, teacher conflicts, peer pressure.  Are you struggling to find your groove this school year?  Your kids struggling to figure out where they fit in?  Perhaps now is the time to make some decisions and ask for adjustments.

Some areas that may require adjustments are:

Classroom assignment

Class schedules

Family diet (meals, eliminating foods, adding in foods)

Sleep spaces (changing around rooms)

Peer interactions (dealing with *that* friend)

Dress Code expectations

There are so many considerations parents must face and often, asking for an adjustment can be the fastest way to diffuse frustration.

My experience has been that when I ask for a consideration and present my case, Principals and administration officials are willing to listen.  I don’t always get my way, however, I can affect change that makes a difference for my kids.

It’s about what is best for my kids and my family.  Classroom changes are much more easily integrated at the beginning of the year than half way through.  If you child is struggling in a classroom, either from peers or a teacher conflict, the very best thing you can do is make a plan!  Ask for changes, adjustments and if it’s significant enough, do not take no for an answer.  Fight for your kids and fight for what is necessary for them to learn and thrive in a healthy environment.

If you are having to fight for change, here are some things you need to do to ensure your side of the issue is considered:

Document everything.  Every conversation, every phone call, every trip to the school.  Keep a record of your efforts to have changes put in motion

Search out local news and information on your school board and local school.  Local papers will run interest stories and you may find that your issue is not a single event, it may affect many parents.  Search out information, not only on your specific school but on the school board as a whole.

If you feel like your concerns are not being heard at the school level, go to the next step.  Superintendents, supervisors, local government official.  Whatever it takes to have your concerns addressed.


You must be the warrior for your child and stand in the gap for them.  You know what your child needs and being the voice for them when they are the most vulnerable is one of the best things you can do for them.


Tell me, when have you had to fight for change for your child?  What did you do to get what your child needed?  Did you find resolution at the first step or did you have to fight for more?


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