Don’t Make This Silly Mistake with Your Kids

Thursday, 19 June 2014

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Sometimes, as adults, we get into this mode of DO, DO, DO!

We race around, getting things done and making sure all the “T’s” are crossed and the “I’s” are dotted.

In the mix of all that busy-ness, we make a very silly mistake with our kids.

We forget to be silly!

We are focused on making so sure that everyone makes it out alive, that we miss multiple opportunities to stop and be goofy or laugh out loud!  Our kids are at their utmost best when they are free to live fully who they are and what they love.  When parents are constantly rushing around from activity to activity or project to project, we chip away at who our kids are.  Short circuiting the natural behavior of our kids unravels the thread of their souls.

Good news, there is a way to get back to having fun!

Choose one day a month that is “Kids Choice”  Let them plan the whole day, right from when you wake up until you go back to bed.  Let them plan breakfast, organize a game  day, trip to the park and let them read you a bedtime story!  When we let go of control, amazing and fun things begin to happen!  


1.  Our kids begin to see their contribution to the family unit.  They see that their opinion matters and their choices impact the whole family.

2.  We step back and give our kids room to grow!  Expand and fill up the space in their lives.  We give them the room to stretch and try new things.  


So, go ahead, be silly with your kids!  Let them do your makeup and style your hair….you may just get an awesome doo like mine!



Tell me, what to you do to lighten the mood in your home?  Comment below and share your silly moments with us!





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