Getting into the Groove of Back to School

Monday, 08 September 2014

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By now, the kids have been in school at least a week.  Pencils have been sharpened and backpacks have been packed full.  Permission slips signed and teachers greeted.

Now what?

Finding your groove for the school year is the key to keeping your sanity as a parent.  Setting expectations and boundaries early will give you the framework you need to keep on track and truly creating the life you love this school year.

I finally found my school year groove when I decided what needed to be done the night before and what could wait until morning.  I also implemented some super easy tasks that you can find inside my free Stop the Morning Madness 7 day program to get the kids up, fed and out the door with no yelling!


These are the 4 Key things I did to ensure I didn’t turn into a mom I didn’t like during the school year:


1.  Lunches:  I made at least the basic lunch the night before and the kids helped.  Fruit, veg, snacks etc went in the lunch bag each night.  The next morning I only put in the sandwiches or hot soup, whatever the choice was for the next day.

2.  Clothing:  I got my kids to pick out at least one piece of clothing the night before, pants, shirt, I didn’t care, but pick ONE because then they had an idea about what they would wear the next day.

3.  Bedtimes:  I am a night owl,  my kids are night owls, that did not bode well for bedtimes.  I implemented a routine that helped everyone get into sleep mode.  Baths every night, even if it was just a bird bath.  The warm water helped relax the kids and we had time to sit and chat.   I could ask them questions about their day, and they had the chance to talk to me one on one.  Bedtime was so much easier sending a relaxed kid to bed.

4.  Journals/Agendas:  Every day after school they go on the table.  That way, we aren’t scrambling in the morning to make sure all the papers are signed, tasks acknowledged, etc.  I knew what was going on and there were no panicked mornings with “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU NEED A CRAZY HAT FOR SCHOOL TODAY???” moments in the mornings.


I encourage you to get a system into place in your home to help find and keep your groove!  Join my 7 day free program Stop the Morning Madness and start finding your parenting groove!

I would love to hear some of the things you have done in your home to make sure you don’t go crazy over a school year!  Please comment and let me know.



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