Back to School Battles Pt. 4

Thursday, 04 September 2014

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Multitaksing Mayhem!!!


Do you every look at your day and think “How the hell am I going to get it ALL done?”

I used to feel the same way about mornings.  How was I going to get three kids up, dressed, teeth and hair brushed, fed and out the door?  Without losing my sanity?

I had an all or nothing mindset when it came to mornings.  All things had to happen at the same time!  I couldn’t possibly get one kid up and leave another one to sleep!  That wouldn’t be fair!  I couldn’t give one breakfast while the other was in the bathroom getting ready and another was getting dressed!  They all had to eat breakfast at the SAME time!

This idealism left me a quivering puddle of stress every morning and I was the mom who yelled and snapped and lost her mind just about every day.  I hated it!  My kids hated it and I was rapidly sinking in a pool of unrelenting guilt.

I knew my kids were all different kind of kids.  One was an early riser, one was a late sleeper.  One loved breakfast, one hated eating first thing after they woke up.  Trying to make them all do the same thing at the same time was making me nuts!

I decided it was time to give up the “perfect morning” idea and to start making mornings work for me.

This is what I started doing:

1.  Early riser up first.  Get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast.

2.  Late riser up next.  Eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed.

3.  Late riser up next, brush teeth, eat breakfast, get dressed.

Suddenly it was like the leprechaun from the Lucky Charms cereal was hanging out in my house and sprinkling marshmallows all over everything I did!


I wasn’t arguing with a groggy kid who didn’t want to wake up.  I wasn’t forcing someone to eat breakfast 5 minutes after they woke up.  It was as if the arguments immediately ended!  I thought the first day it was just a fluke, but as I keep up with the plan, I could go a whole week without arguing with a kid before we left the house.   By deciding to use my kids personalities as a guide, I was able to parent the way I wanted to parent in the mornings and I wasn’t starting my day fighting.

What changes have you made to your day so that you feel successful as a parent?  What have you given up or added to your day to make things easier?



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